by Tom Mathew
ISBN: 978-1-942576-27-3

Dow 45000

Babyboomers Leave Gold And Fixed Income

As gold drops to $35 per ounce, 350 million Baby Boomers worldwide will move $3 trillion from gold, US Treasuries and CDs into dividend paying stocks

US Pension Bomb Dismantled

$16 trillion moving into equities 

  • $3 trillion from US multinationals
  • $6 trillion from individual life insurance policies
  • $7 trillion from municipal pensions


The Great Game returns. Russia, India, China and England will generate over $1 trillion to invest annually into US assets. Over $17 billion a week will be coming into US equity markets via the United Kingdom.  Once short term money rates exceed 2% in 2018, over $1 trillion will come in daily into US repo and reverse-repo markets from global narcotraffickers. 

5G Changes Everything

Healthcare Gets Revolutionized And Digitized

$37 trillion of unfunded Medicare liabilities becomes $3 trillion.  The elimination of benzene from the atmosphere reduces cancer by 93% and eliminates asthma.  New genetic cures for multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinsons and HIV eliminate the need for hospitals.  Nine month maternity leave eliminates birth defects.

Here Comes The Sun!

The global reduction of coal as a fuel source for utilities, gasoline as a fuel source for automobiles and diesel fuel as a fuel source for trucks will stabilize the atmosphere and lower ocean temperatures by 5 degrees Celsius.  Global reduction in SOx, NOx, and NH4 reduces air pollution and increases efficiency of solar cells.  Plankton thrives and marine life returns.  Oxygen increases dramatically.   

Organized Crime Does NOT Adapt

The global La Cosa Nostra, faced with erosion of their revenue streams (terrorism, murder for hire, narcotrafficking, trade secret theft, industrial sabotage, kidnapping, extortion and racketeering) and the exposure of their sponsors' massive Swiss bank accounts, collapses.  

Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark!

As re-emerging nations adopt dialectical materialism (Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Mexico and Russia), depopulation to occur worldwide.  When customers use cellular phones to conduct trade, divorce and its execrable consequence, incarceration, will neither lead to additonal telephone lines (in America we all have them) nor induce false rises in property values (home ownership is endemic in America) as it did during the 20th century. Moreover, men are voluntarily emasculating themselves to become women in the West. 5,000,000 American men have become women in order to obtain employment under affirmative action.  Each surgery costs $600,000. Consequently, world population will decrease to 1.2 billion by 2120.  Visit

War To End

17 trillion barrels of oil available; enough fuel for three thousand years of usage assuming global demand of 34 million barrels per day.  No more oil wars! Russia is now the leading producer of oil, natural gas and coal. Number two is the United States.  As the cost of petroleum approaches the marginal cost of $3.50 ppb worldwide, the Middle East (from the Levant to Algeria) will become completely irrelevant to the four great powers; Russia, China, France and the USA. We are at the end of Semitic influence on this planet. The concept of MAD has ended.  Forever.  

The Malthusian Logic of The Post-Ignatius Age Has Ended

600 years of bogus history (1413-2013) will be rewritten by the story tellers of the East.  The Nigger of The Narcissus by Joseph Conrad details the post-Civil War Roman Catholic ethos of America. Europe's Roman Catholics cannot accept, much to their chagrin, that 150 years of violent Vatican-induced American apartheid has ended.  In addition, Jim Crow, which is touted as the "Marshall Plan" along the Danube will no longer subsidize European industry. Furthermore, when minimum wages worldwide rise to $35 who will emigrate from a foreign country to the USA where they will dodge bullets, heroin addicts and stilettos in order to work three jobs to live in the Negro Beiruts of our hidebound nation?  Are there parents who want their son to medically become their daughter? Which man wants to be laughed at because he married a homogametic woman? Who wants to be harassed daily by millionaire Rolex-wearing, itchy trigger finger possessing police officers who are living in denial of their working class father's past?  Therefore, the concept of poverty will end worldwide. Consequently, a dramatic collapse to Western liberalism, bogus 501(c)3 "charities", chauvinistic "labor" unions and the welfare state will occur.  It is already happening.

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Only Tom Mathew Predicted The Massive Bust In 2008

The author's books are 100% responsible for the bankruptcy of General Motors, Chrysler, Citigroup, General Electric, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, MBIA, FGIC, FSA, CGIC, Credit Suisse, and UBS as well as the abject humiliation of the Rockefeller Investment Group and the Holy Roman See.  Year to date, his books have caused over $150 trillion of damage; destroying every dime of wealth garnered from apartheid. 

5G will end caste in India.  Forever!

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